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This is the line-up for the black male championship at the Green Mountain Fall Spectacular. We were delighted that the Champion himself and one of his front-row competitors were both either from our farm directly or bred from one of our males!


Current News and Upcoming Events

Is there anything more exciting than a brand new batch of yarn spun up from your own animals?! We were delighted to finally pick up our 20lb load to stock up our shop. Most of it is 100% percent alpaca but there is also a luxurious alpaca/angora rabbit mix. All the colors are un-dyed and mix and match superbly! Stop by and get some before we knit it all up ourselves!

Welcome to Skyeview Alpacas!

Established in 1992, Skyeview became the first alpaca farm in the state of New Hampshire and has had two decades of exciting growth. We have distinct bloodlines in both huacayas and suris, representing almost every registered color. 

National Alpaca Farm Days!

Join us September 26th for National Alpaca Farm Days. We are opening our farm to visitors wanting to meet and learn all about alpacas, see fiber spun and felted, and perhaps get a head start on finding unique (and warm!) holiday gifts. Saturday 10am-3pm. 
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